"Complete game changer. Was able to take the dot off my glasses and can now shoot with both eyes. High recommended!" Geoffrey BC Williams

"I was a C class shooter with a CPSA average of 68 who can't seem to break my bad habit of shooting with one eye closed.
I fitted my EyeD Rail and did one practice with it, competed the next day, scored an 81, won the class (and £100) and moved up to B class, boom!
A coincidence, fluke, lucky day? Who knows but it's staying on that's for sure 👍" Christian de Salis

Purchase last week direct from Ben, 1st time out yesterday with it fitted to my prosport.A massive improvement on my scores, straightened a couple of stands. Couldn't get on with the gun previously & was thinking of getting rid. Can't wait to get back out next week & dust more clays. A brilliant product that I would highly recommend. "Ian Brindle"

"I had a Lesson with Ben, and I told him that I struggled with Drivens.
He fitted a rail and the problem was fixed." Bjørn-Erik Hildonen

"I didn’t really know that I had an eye dominance problem, it’s sort of crept up on me as I’ve got older, I started to miss certain targets regularly, and started to close my left eye to break them, typically the target that looks like a dinner plate, mainly a left to right crosser, or close incomer, during the first lesson I ever had with Ben, he spotted it almost immediately, and tried some techniques to overcome this, I couldn’t really change my left hand position to block my eye on the rib as it was uncomfortable, so went back to shutting an eye, Ben was starting to develop the rail, and during subsequent lessons I tried it out, the difference was immediate, no closing of an eye on any target, and those close birds turned to dust! I can’t say it will work for everybody, but it certainly worked for me, and I can’t wait for the official launch, so I can get it fitted on my gun!"

Kevin Allen